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JOPA Queensland was spawned from a load of crusher dust that required delivery, so Paul bought a small truck to help his wife deliver the goods. It was November 2005. After spending $11,000 on a 2.5 metre light truck, Paul started picking up what he calls swing jobs for hire. Six months later he upgraded to a Hino FC Dump tipper. Before he knew it there was a small fleet of five Hinos.

Today the operation has 21 full time staff 11 of which are drivers and a relief driver who assists with allocations. We run a fleet of 17 Hino tippers

Centrally located in Meadowbrook right next to Logan Motorway, we are well placed to deliver our services throughout South-East Queensland.

One of our unique features is that we use divider tailgates on half of our tippers. This enables separation in a 10-metre bin so that we can carry five cubic metres of two different products. It provides us, among other advantages, with the flexibility to move the same product in split bins and deliver into two different locations. We can also deliver two separate products to the same customer it saves time for them and saves time for us.

After 20 years in the parcel freight industry
Paul decided a change was in order and came up with an idea to buy a small tipper and with his wife Jody, Jopa Enterprises was formed. After spending $11,000 on a 2.5 cubic metre tipper he started picking up small jobs and decided to never knock any work back, six months down the track Paul and his wife Jody decided to upgrade to a 5 cubic metre tipper from Scifleet Hino.

With their customer base continually growing
Jody and Paul decided to invest in their second tipper and Scifleet Hino were happy to supply them their very first tandem tipper. Operating two tippers at this time ensured on time deliveries at a competitive rate.

The fleet has grown
Now with four tippers and a customer base that was continually growing, forcing Jody and Paul to form JOPA (Queensland) Pty. Ltd. Paul enlisted the team at Scifleet Hino to build the fourth tipper with a uniquely designed centre tailgate allowing two products to be delivered at the same time. The interest that was created by their customers gave Jody & Paul confidence to believe the company was heading in the right direction. With growth came change and Paul decided to concentrate on his customers from the confines of an office.

Location update
The fleet has now grown to 7 and the relocation to larger premises was complete.

Growth continues
Jopa continues to grow with more customer coming on board and the fleet continues to grow to meet customer requirement, the 10th truck from Scifleet Hino has arrived and a new move to their current home at Meadowbrook late in 2017, has given JOPA an even greater opportunity to provide on time deliveries at a competitive rate.

Customer service recipe
JOPA will continue to grow through the efforts of their dedicated staff who continue to use the same customer service recipe as Paul did with his very first customer that JOPA Qld continues to deliver to today. It’s as simple as “You Ring, We Bring”.

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